Banafo Voice Recorder – the best new voice recorder app for Android

Banafo Voice Recorder app

The best voice recorder app is now available on Android for Free – Banafo Voice Recorder!

Our development team has been hard at work to bring the Banafo experience to mobile, expanding on functionality from computer via the Banafo | Transcribe & Record Meetings web extension to your Android phone with Banafo Voice Recorder application.

Now you can make audio recordings directly from your mobile Android device – anytime, anywhere.

Voice notes or conversations, and reminders, new business ideas, solutions to present issues – just tap the Record button.

The Banafo Voice Recorder app for Android is completely Free and can be downloaded via Google Play now:

Banafo Voice Recorder
* Banafo Account required for use of app.

Record voice notes and Conversations with Banafo voice recorder app

With the new Banafo app for Android, you will be able to just grab your phone, open the Banafo app and start recording.

Record your ideas, solutions, physical meetings, conversations and basically everything you come up with and could be captured via your Android phone’s microphone.

Banafo Voice Recorder - Recording screen

The Banafo Voice Recorder Android app will automatically upload your voice recordings to your account, where a transcript will be auto generated so you can read through the entire thing and not miss a thing.

The app also syncs with your Banafo account, so you preferred language will be automatically selected as it is set via the settings in the Banafo dashboard. Multiple languages are also available to fine tune and select for each separate recording.

If your primarily language of conversations is English, but you also use another one – for example German – you can set it before or during your actual recording.

That way you do not have to wait for the transcript afterwards, as you will get it in the correct selected language automatically transcribed in your Banafo account.

You can also use the Pause button for a break, or Cancel the recording if required for some reason.

Do you want to use Banafo Voice Recorder in your browser?

Record your web meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad, Jitsi, Big Blue Button, and more.

Get the Banafo web browser extension available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge today.

Find out more here.

Upload saved audio files

The Banafo Voice Recorder app for Android does not have to be used only for direct recordings, although this is quite possibly the most useful feature of the app, another great addition – is what we like to call – the manual Upload.

The Upload section in the application allows you to browse and choose audio files from your device. There are several file types supported – mp3, ogg, wav, flac, webm.

If you have previously saved audio files on your Android device – lets say an audio file that someone has sent you, or you have downloaded it on your device, you can simply choose the audio file and upload it manually to your Banafo account.

Banafo Voice Recorder - Upload screen

All features remain the same – you can choose a different language as opposed to the default set one, change the name of the conversation, time and date etc.

The audio file will be uploaded to the Banafo dashboard, and a transcript will get automatically generated the same way as for a direct recording.

We have more exciting advanced features planned for our Android app, but for now we think we have covered the main ones – recording and uploading of your meetings are ready and will be super useful in your day to day activities.

If you do not have an account already, you can create one for Free:

Get transcripts for your audio files.

Upload any supported audio file for auto generated Conversation transcripts in Chrome and Edge from your computer.

Simply login into your Banafo dashboard account and click the Upload recording button.