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Banafo | Transcribe & Record Meetings

Work more efficiently with auto recording

Banafo web extension makes your work quicker with even more advanced features.

Now including a new toggle option to make anyone’s work even faster and easier – auto recording.

Enable the option via the extension menu for all whitelisted websites that you visit frequently. All your web meetings will be recorded automatically when they start.

You do not have to do a manual click to start a recording. It all happens automatically and your meeting is recorded and uploaded to your Banafo account, where our advanced ML speech-to-text algorithms take care of business and provide you with a transcript of your conversations.

You can get the newest version from here:

The new auto recording feature is complete free and requires that you update your existing Banafo web extesion via your preferred browser.

If you are a new user you can directly install the extension from the web browser extension store or via the following links:

Google Chrome Microsoft Edge

Why choose Banafo web extension to record your meeting conversations?

1. Get auto recording for all your business meetings and conversations

With our new auto record feature, each time you have a web meeting with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad, Jitsi, Big Blue Button (and more).

The Banafo web extension automatically will record your conversations for the tools you use the most, just make sure these are whitelisted websites via Banafo Settings.

2. Automatic upload to your Banafo account

Our web extension will also automatically upload your recorded conversations for business or work meetings directly to your Banafo account.

It all happens in the background, so you do not have to monitor or manage anything by manual clicks. Very useful with auto recording option enabled.

All your conversations that have been recorded and automatically uploaded by the Banafo extension can be easily found in the dashboard, find and manage all your conversations through Banafo.

3. Automatic generation of transcript for your meeting conversations

Banafo web extension will do auto recording and upload your meetings to your account, but then our advanced machine learning speech to text algorithms will take care of business.

The development team has been hard at work to train advanced AI models for speech recognition, so that you can get a transcript of your meeting conversations ready to read or skim through for your convenience.

Just visit your Banafo account and access a conversation details page, where you will get a recording of your conversation, generated transcript, notes, summary and more!

4. Extension works with the most popular web meeting tools

The Banafo web extension is available for download, for free for most popular web browsers – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and our development team is hard at work bringing support to even more.

Compared to other such tools, our extension also works with the most popular web meeting tools – such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad, Jitsi, Big Blue Button and more. The best part is that the new auto recording feature will work out of the box for all of these as well.

5. Easy to use

Quick and easy to install, with automation baked in, you can start recording your web meeting conversations in a minute.

You do not have to install separate versions or to configure anything for different web meeting tools – be it Meet, Zoom, Teams, our Banafo Extension works on these out of the box!

Even better, with the newly introduced auto record feature, all your tools for web meetings can be whitelisted and the Banafo extension will automatically start a recording once you open your favorite web meeting tool.

6. Global Search

Find what you are looking for in all Conversations with our Global Search feature in your Banafo dashboard.

Find out more here.

Simply type a key word or a phrase and you will get instant result for in which exact conversation these are found. Click once – and you can listen to the recording, read the transcript or edit the Conversation details. Take notes.