Banafo automated AI features

Another improvement towards a better quality of life for you as a user – automated AI features are now available.

Our development team have been working constantly to churn out feature after feature in the past several months, so here’s more:

Automated Title

That’s right. You won’t be getting anymore the tiresome random-name-time-date title for each of your conversation entries. Instead, our Banafo AI will be generating a suitable title according to the context of your conversations.

That’s why instead of the random-name-date-time titles, now you will get something like “Business meeting. Discussing clearn offers only.”

note: do not worry about your manual set titles, we’ll keep these just how you have typed them 😉

Automated Summary

On top of the automatically generated Title, our new AI features will also include a suitable summary that represents the context of the entire conversation so you do not have to listen to or read through the whole thing. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Automated Action Points

Last, but not least, are also the action points presented for each one of your conversations. Again, automatically generated by our new Banafo AI feature. This time you can have a peak at what the AI has deemed as key points from the transcript generated.

All of this information is automatically generated and turned ON by default from the Configuration in your Banafo account. You can always turn it OFF.

Automated Info Email

All of the info above will be sent to you via email once your transcript is ready. The email will contain the title and summary of course, and you can click on a link to get straight to the full transcript, recording and just have a quick access to all features that Banafo offers! Try today!