Banafo Android app – new version

The Banafo Android app has a new release version on the Google Play Store. Banafo Transcript and Captions now includes various fixes and improvements, as well as totally brand new features!

The biggest addition to our new feature list is the inclusion of Captions! If you have trouble hearing, or need closed captions – we’ve got you covered.


There are now closed captions available in the Banafo app for Android, turn on from CC button next to the Record button on Record screen. Captions will begin to appear in the center of the Record screen, a recording must be started. Or use the specifically dedicated Captions tab, read below for more.

Captions screen

Dedicated view only for closed captions, where you have control over everything:

  • Language selection for closed captions – list with supported languages for captions.
  • Screen overlay – On/Off for a small captions overlay that will be shown and visible over all Android apps and screens. Just like a personal subtitle bubble.
  • Play-pause button – Start/Stop the captions functionality.
  • Split screen – view captions screen side by side with another app that you frequently use on Android.
  • Mic select – user option for your Android device’s built-in microphone or the ‘internal’ mic. Internal uses an official Android API that allows Banafo app to capture audio from media type apps.
  • Reset – the infamous ‘x’ button – tap and clear the Captions screen.


Captions functionality is secure. We do not store any audio or recording. Only audio is being transmitted securely over data connection, in bite-size pieces so our machine learning language models can provide you with live transcripts in real time.

Quickness of this functionality will depend strictly on your device’s internet connectivity.