Automatic upload of transcripts to Google Drive

Banafo PRO users can take advantage of the newest additional feature in their Banafo dashboard.

Google Drive automatic upload of transcripts.

Banafo auto-upload of transcripts to Google Drive in a new Google Docs

Want to edit, share or simply make use of your existing Google Drive docs, with Banafo transcripts? This is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Instead of manually downloading transcripts from each conversation, and then going to your Google Drive to create a new Doc and copy & paste the transcript content, just enable the integration from the Banafo dashboard Configuration menu.

Activating this integration simply means that each new transcript will be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive account (as a new Google Docs file). That way you can easily edit, share or collaborate on a recording transcript with your co workers.

Once the transcript gets generated, a link in the Conversation details will be visible – “Open in Google Drive”. When you click it, you will get send straight to the transcript Google Docs file in a new browser tab.

The new integration feature with Google Drive simplifies greatly the tedious task of manually trying to share or work together with your colleagues on a meeting transcript, for example.

Save valuable time and be even more productive by enabling the Google Drive integration in your Banafo dashboard!

Available to all Banafo PRO users.