Banafo integration in Zoiper 5 – transcribe easy your VoIP calls always !

Banafo has partnered with one of the top softphone makers on the market – Zoiper !

We are very glad to announce that during the last few months our teams have worked together closely with some of the best in the business.
Through tight collaboration we are glad to share that core Banafo functionality has been successfully implemented to work with Zoiper 5.

New users will see the Banafo icon on Zoiper 5’s main screen, or can find the Banafo menu option in Zoiper 5 Settings.

Simply authenticate if you already have a Banafo account, or register and activate the functionality through Banafo, found in Zoiper 5 Settings.

Instructions are also located here.

What does it do?

Once you have activated Banafo in Zoiper 5, all your calls will be automatically uploaded and synced with your Banafo account in the Dashboard under Conversations.

  • Every VoIP call that you record will also be auto uploaded and transcribed.
  • You can listen to your calls, read the transcripts, take notes and more through the Conversations menu in Banafo.
  • Easily find your call history, audio recordings and transcripts in Banafo here.

to stop the Banafo integration, simply go to your Zoiper 5 Settings > Banafo and click Deactivate

We keep working closely with our friends at Zoiper to improve the Banafo integration and bring even more useful features soon!

Interested in trying it out before anyone else? Contact us and our team will help you get up to speed.

You can also find out more about Zoiper right here.