Global search across recording transcripts in all Conversations

Global Search

Everyone is used to search things across multiple entries of the same type – be it your email, phone call log, contacts, files and so on.

If your work relies in doing things quickly and efficiently, why waste time by manually looking for something that you can just type in an input field and get instant results for?

Banafo is a powerful web platform that combines all your web meeting conversations in once place. Business meetings over Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad are recorded and uploaded to your Banafo account.

A transcript is auto generated for each of your recordings and all of this information is neatly organized in Conversations that you can access and manage through the Banafo dashboard.

You want to look for something that is not obvious – a keyword, phrase, or something that you remember being mentioned in a web meeting but cannot exactly remember?

Just use our Global Search feature. It will look through all your conversations which have generated transcripts for these recordings and show you the results which include your search terms.

Global Search is now available for all existing and new users.

global search

Global Search can be used to find and locate specific words and phrases across all transcripts in your Banafo account. Does not matter if you had a sales meeting over Zoom or a company daily meeting on Microsoft Teams.

With our new Global Search will find what you are looking for and show you all relevant results.