Introducing Live Captions for Schools & Events

A Step Forward for Event Inclusivity

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new, cost-effective live captioning service, designed to make live events and educational environments more inclusive and engaging than ever before. With the goal of breaking down barriers and ensuring everyone can participate fully, our service leverages the latest in speech recognition technology to deliver accurate, real-time captions at a fraction of the traditional cost.

After testing live captions in our Android app for a few months, we’ve really focused on incorporating feedback from the deaf and hard of hearing community. They’ve been instrumental in our development process, praising the high recognition rates while suggesting some tweaks to improve usability.

Thanks to their suggestions, we’ve added several new features:

  • A full-screen option
  • landscape orientation support
  • High contrast fonts for better visibility
  • The ability to stream captions to any Chromecast or Google/Android TV

This means the app isn’t just for personal use anymore. Event organizers and educators can now project captions live, creating a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

Getting started is easy, all you need is an android phone and:

Want to check out the captions without installing the app? You can try it here with no sign-up required.