Meeting notes in web conversations – powerful and easy with Banafo extension

Meeting notes have been a part of our Banafo tool since the beginning.

Since we have been in sort of a Beta state, this functionality was mainly reserved for the Banafo dashboard, but actually it was baked in from the very start to be used through different ways.

Now, the note taking functionality is ready for its natural growth – to be included in our Banafo web extension.

Using the Banafo extension to record your web meeting conversations has been a feature used in our Banafo dashboard, but taking notes during a meeting is something we have had in our minds since the concept stage of the project.

That is why now the Banafo web extension offers note taking directly through it.

Meeting notes

In its default state the meeting notes part of the Banafo extension welcomes you with a minimalistic version for the interface to gently remind that you can take notes at any point during a web conference.

You can take meeting notes by simply clicking on the input field where it says “Leave a note”, and just start typing whatever you need to take a note of.

Hitting the Enter key will save your note at the time when you have started typing it, and it will get recorded within your Conversation.

meeting notes

Every Conversation will consist of all your web meeting details, along with the meeting notes that you have taken during the recording itself, meeting source (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.), and a recording of your meeting.

All your conversations are later easily found in the Banafo dashboard when you are logged in with your account here.

Meeting notes – powerful with highlights

Additionally, we have made it easier for you to highlight important bits during your meetings – recording Conversations gets even more powerful with meeting notes!

Now, next to the note taking field you can easily with 1 click mark a point of interest in which you find something special or important. Little yellow pin is here to leave a notable mark – be it a client name, company details or a project goal.

Even if you do not have a note for it, it will still show up on your meeting recording in the Banafo dashboard, where you can find it and add a more elaborate note based on your listening of the meeting recording at the highlight time.

Meeting notes – elevated to the next level

We have prepared even more features coming in the near future.

There are a few options that everyone could expect from such a functionality – like the ability to share, but some will be a real surprise for existing and new users.