Welcome to the new design of Banafo: Elevating User Experience for Effortless Recording and Transcripts

As you set foot on the new design of Banafo Dashboard’s home page, you’ll be greeted with an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface. We have taken great care to incorporate user-friendly elements that will make your recording experience a breeze. Let’s dive into the top features that will redefine your journey:

Record My Microphone:

Say goodbye to complicated setups and multiple clicks! With our new “Record my microphone” button, you can now capture audio directly from the home page itself. It’s as easy as a single click, bringing ultimate convenience to your fingertips.

Upload Recording:

Have prerecorded audio files you want to transcribe? We’ve got you covered! Our brand-new “Upload recording” button lets you effortlessly import your files into the Banafo Dashboard. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your offline recordings and automatic transcripts in a matter of seconds.

Quick Access to Web Extension:

We understand the need for versatility in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we’ve integrated a web extension that enables you to effortlessly install and start recording meetings on your favorite platforms like Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more. Say hello to seamless integration and goodbye to unnecessary hurdles with our new design! Find out more about our Web Extension here.

Access the Android App:

Want to take your recording and transcription capabilities on the go? Our Banafo Android app is just a click away with a new design! Access it directly from the home page, bringing the power of automatic transcripts to your mobile device.

Stay Updated with Latest News Highlights:

We believe in keeping you in the loop! To ensure you never miss out on the latest features, we’ve pinned essential news in a vibrant yellow color right above your recent history list. Stay informed and stay ahead with Banafo.

Recent Activity Section: new design

Navigating Your Transcripts with Elegance in our new design. We know that managing your transcripts efficiently is paramount. That’s why we’ve completely revamped the Recent Activity section, bringing you enhanced clarity and functionality:

Conversation – Recording Transcript

Newly implemented recording transcriptions are automated. Just open a conversation and you can see your automatically generated transcript of your recording directly front and center.

Speaker recognition, editing of speaker names, live highlighting speaker during playback, taking and editing notes, and more are available as well. Looking for specific words and phrases – now you can directly search in each transcript!

New Icons and Colors:

Each action entry now boasts its own unique icon and color, making it easier than ever to distinguish between conversations created, summarized, transcribed, and notes taken. Immerse yourself in an aesthetically pleasing visual experience that enhances your workflow in our new desgin.

Direct Jump to Recent Entries:

We value your time, and we want you to find what you need swiftly. With our revamped Recent Activity section, you can now jump directly to your most recent entries. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and embrace a seamless navigation experience.

Global Search:

Effortlessly Find What Matters Most. When it comes to finding specific information within your transcripts, we’ve got your back! Our global search feature ensures that searching for keywords or phrases is always at your fingertips. Simply type in your query, hit enter, and let our intelligent search algorithm do the rest. Dive straight into our new design and in your conversations with instant results and unmatched ease.

Experience the Banafo Dashboard: Where User-Friendliness Meets Recording and Transcription Brilliance

We’re thrilled to present you with an enhanced Banafo Dashboard that places user experience at its core. From the moment you step into the revamped home page to effortlessly navigating your transcripts and conducting lightning-fast searches, every aspect has been carefully crafted to provide an unparalleled recording and transcription experience.

Join us on this transformative journey where user-friendliness, ease of use, and automatic transcripts converge. Elevate your recording and transcription endeavors with the Banafo Dashboard today. Embrace the power of seamless recording, effortless uploads, and quick access to your favorite web platforms. Stay updated with the latest features and bask in the vibrancy of our revamped Recent Activity section. Experience the convenience of global search, where finding crucial information within your transcripts is just a few keystrokes away.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your recording and transcription workflows. Discover the Banafo Dashboard and unlock a world of user-friendly magic that will redefine the way you capture and transcribe audio. Join us on this transformative journey towards effortless recording and transcription brilliance.