Introducing Privacy Mode in Banafo

User Privacy is very important for us all, and we take it very seriously in our work by including it in the development pipeline from early on.

That is why we introduce Privacy Mode. This is a new option in the Banafo configuration that can be switched ON from the navigation menu.

Banafo Privacy Mode

This mode will make sure that all your recordings are being deleted after a transcript is generated successfully.

Read more below to find out how to use it and what does it bring to the table.

How to turn it on:

Banafo Dashboard > Configuration > “Privacy mode(delete audio after my transcript is ready)”

When this option is switched to ON – once the transcript is ready, your audio recording is deleted. You will not be able to listen to it, no one will in fact. Only the automatic generated transcript of that recording will be available for use.

By default this option is not switch on, meaning that your recordings and transcripts will be available for use in your Conversations list.

If you are concerned about your Privacy, or just do not want the recordings of your calls, meetings, conferences etc., to be available – you can turn it ON and just make use of the auto-generated transcripts.

We are working on more ways to improve the Banafo experience. Especially when it comes to User Privacy.