Speech to text API – the #1 budget transcript generating solution

Banafo speech to text API

Banafo Speech to text API is now available for your own solutions.

Already familiar with the power of Banafo and what it can do? You are recording your meetings, getting auto generated transcripts for your conversations and taking advantage of the Banafo browser extension to record your work related meetings via Zoom, Teams, Meet?

Now, you can use the power of our language models for some of the most budget friendly solutions out there!

Instead of relying on expensive third party services, our team at Banafo has worked tirelessly to provide users with a budget friendly service when it comes to speech to text language models.

Our models are trained in house, constantly being updated and improved to bring the most accurate, quick and budget friendly solutions for your speech to text needs.

Save yourself the hassle and easily integrate transcripts in your own projects.

Unleash the prowess of our speech to text models onto your own software

The Banafo automatic speech recognition engine bridges the gap between spoken and written communication. If your software is already into the increased market of voice recording, speech recognition and text to speech implementations, now is the best time to grow your user base faster and easier than ever before.

Connect your software with our API in 3 easy steps and give your users access to automated transcripts for their meetings, web conferences, calls, voice messages, podcasts and more.

How does the Banafo speech to text API work?

Voice to text is a complicated matter in itself and comes in many different flavors each having its own technical details and specific correlations.

This Banafo chart helps you get the flow of information to quickly understand how your software application and our API can work together to unlock fast, high quality transcripts for your users.


Banafo Speech to text API features

Our team has deliberately focused on the quality of transcripts, the ease of use of the API itself, and the minimum number of features that we think would be most useful to you.

Adapting and implementing our speech to text API is super easy and quick, does not require significant amount of resources and work to get wasted, therefore saving you and your team precious time and money.

  • Punctuation – easy to read transcripts
  • Capitalization – on sentence level
  • Filler words filter – leaving out e.g.: um, uh, er, ah
  • Timestamps – on phrase level
  • Channel transcription – two channels speed up the transcription process
  • Languages – English, German, Dutch

Speech to text API details

Multi request – you can upload an unlimited amount of audio files

Delete recordings – either manually or automatically when the transcript is generated

Accepted formats – .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .flac, .webm for best audio quality

Maximum file size – 500 MB


The text to speech API has only one requirement – that your software application can deal with http requests

Implementation possibilities – Progressive Web Applications (PWA) | Android apps | iOS apps | Web applications